Student Support Services Home page 9-9-16

Gateway Initiative

Gateway Initiative A set of services designated to provide low-income, first generation students with awesome resources, and academic skills!   More »

Summer Bridge

logouci-summer-bridge Freshman Summer Bridge is a 6 week academic and residential program offered under the umbrella of the Freshman Summer Edge Program. Students earn UCI credit and get a head start working towards their degree while meeting other new students, staff and faculty. Students also participate in a first year experience program in their first year. More »

TRIO Scholars

trio-logo-1-website-bucket-fw The TRIO SCHOLARS Program at UCI – provides opportunities aimed at enhancing students’ academic, career, and personal development towards a successful completion of their post-secondary education. More »


fyre-logo1 Foster Youth Resilience in Education (FYRE) is a comprehensive program that enables former foster youth to have academic support while attending the University of California, Irvine to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree. Housed under UCI’s Student Support Services, this program was formed to aid former foster youth in their transition to university life. More »


anteater Pathways for Parents and Adult Learners Success (PPALS) was developed to help ensure that students 25 years of age and older and students with children/dependents are successful at UCI. PPALS aims to help student parents and adult learners with their academic, social, and personal needs. More »


The Providing Everyone with Opportunities for Professional and Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) Program is specifically designed to provide outreach and academic support for specific populations of student that can find unique challenges in their academic achievement and progress, including undocumented students. More »


anteater STEP Second-year Transitional Experience Program was developed to help first generation and low income first- year students transition into their second year at UC Irvine. STEP aims to help students with their academic and personal needs. Positioned between freshmen and junior year (2 years with strong academic identities) the second year is often overshadowed. The STEP program aims to focus on the unique needs of sophomore students with the goal of helping them to succeed and thrive at UCI. More »